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We Are BSM



Our Mission

We strive to help youth, teens, and young adults  grow in their mental, emotional, and spiritual health, as well as establish a true relationship with God through mentoring, workshops, and community events.

Our Passion

Mentoring is at the center of this ministry, and it is what we are passionate about.

Because of the large demand  for mentoring,

BSM does growth mentoring with others that share similar interests. Please note that one on one sessions are available at request.

Our Motto


We can become so focused on religious beliefs and rituals, that we forget to establish our own true relationship with God. You have some people that can go to church every Sunday and go to bible study, and just go out of routine, but will never develop a relationship.

Right relationship is more important then being stuck in religious ways. A true relationship with the one, true God is far more valuable.

Our Community

BSM is involved in the surrounding Raleigh-Durham community. The ministry hosts a book bag and school supply giveaway, and to date, this event has supported over 300 families with students enrolled in title I schools. For Thanksgiving, we were able to support families with meals that did not have the resources, and during the Christmas season, we partner with other non-profit organizations to provide toy drives at 3 different locations in the Durham community.

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